March 2019

Faux fur and vegan fashion supports innovation

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November 2018

Jean-Paul Gaultier drops fur

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August 2018

Martin Bady's sponsored collection

Martin Bady is a student from the Paris school IFM.

We have helped him in his use of faux fur for his EMPIRE collection.

Look the teaser here.

July 2018

Faux Fur In Vogue Australia

Great Editorial in VOGUE

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July 2018

Fendi : faux over fur in Paris

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may 2018

Kim Kardashian a fan of faux fur

"Faux is my new thing" said the world most famous real tv star.

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may 2018

Burberry is reviewing its use of fur

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april 2018

How to clean Faux Fur

Hannah Weiland shares useful tips with Vogue.UK

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march 2018

Faux fur sold as real

Faux fur sold as real fur : read what we have to say about this

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january 2018

Read what Matthieu from Furtex has to say about the trend (in french)

october 2017

Dynasty's costume designer confirms 100% faux fur wardrobe

Dynasty is back ! Read what Meredith has to say about working with faux fur here.

october 2017

Gucci bans fur : "it's not modern"

Changing the industry for the better (read here)

september 2017

Faux is the new fur

New study reveals searches for "fur" have decreased 40% while searches for "faux fur" have risen 17%

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august 2017

VOGUE Paris supports the FAUX fur trend

The august issue of Vogue Paris is a fabulous tribute to the greatness of faux fur.

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june 2017

Net-a-Porter makes a smart move in going fur free

may 2017

Mélania Trump received a faux fur coat...and loves it !

march 2017

MIU MIU joins the faux Fur Brigade

december 2016

Meet the British Queen of faux fur

november 2016

Helen Moore : a family affair

october 2016

Michaël Kors faux fur

Michael Kors new faux fur line is entirely faux 

september 2016

Faux Fur frenzy at Première Vision

august 2016

Faux fur the responsible choice

july 2016

Ab Fab the movie pushes faux fur

june 2016

Selana Gomez and Louis Vuitton

Selena Gomez wears faux fur hat for the new Louis Vuitton campaign

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may 2016

We wrote to Sir Giorgio Armani

We wrote a message to Sir Armani in order to thank him for his decision to go "fur free" and corrected the misleading facts provided by the (real) fur industry

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march 2016

Faux fur among biggest trend for winter 2016

According to trend forecast form buying office Directives West, Faux fur is one of the biggest trend for next winter

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fev 2016

Biggest trend of this winter is a camel cape coat with a faux fur trim

janv 2016

Faux Fur super star on French TV

dec 2015

Alesha Dixon looks great in faux fur for her new video

nov 2015

Faux fur's fashion moment

nov 2015

Adele's faux fur coat...

oct 2015

Faux fur explodes onto high street

oct 2015

Faux furs take this winter by storm

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sept 2015

Faux fur is BIG at London Fashion week

sept 2015

7 best faux fur ponpoms

sept 2015

Super cool selection of faux furs

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Fur : little nature - lots of chemicals

In 2016, the scientific experts of the Bremer Institute, analysed several fur items some of them sold for children. They found out that most of the fur items were loaded with chemicals, including formaldehyde and nonylphenol. It is important to acknowledge fur, as a finished product, contains many volatile chemical components. Those chemicals are bought in large proportion to the chemical industry in order to process the millions of skins produced per year and make them marketable.

Read the study here.